Our sites are licensed to accept garden waste, forestry waste, wood waste and leaves.

The overwhelming majority of PAS100 compost produced by SED Services is supplied to the agricultural industry as organic fertilizer and soil improver, growing Oats, Wheat and Barley which are supplied to food producers in the North West of England. Subsequently Breakfast Cereals are manufactured and retailed to consumers across the North West of England, and beyond. An interesting and unique example of true Closed Loop Recycling.

BSI PAS 100 compost is an important product in the landscape industry. It is manufactured under controlled and scientifically monitored conditions and provides an effective, consistent and versatile method for improving the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of a soil.  Compost can be used in general soil preparation for garden and turf establishment, as a turf top dressing in ground maintenance and as a weed suppressant or soil improving mulch. When incorporated into soils in these ways, compost acts as a fertiliser and improves the soil’s physical properties. It releases nitrogen, phosphate and other nutrients, helping to keep vegetation healthy. These benefits can be experienced even at low application rates of BSI PAS 100 compost


PAS 100 Compost

  • Fully organic soil improver
  • Increases the level of nutrients in your soil
  • Perfect for mulching roses
  • Contains no pests or pathogens
mushroom-compost (1)

Mushroom Compost

  • Soil Modification/improver
  • A weed suppressant
  • Natural fertiliser
  • Enhanced plant growth
  • Beds & borders

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