SED Services Ltd are owner operators of a BAS Certified biosolids liming facility at Formby Hightown. This facility has planning permission and is permitted to treat 75,000 tons PA of Non compliant/raw biosolids.

Our staff have extensive technical and operational Knowledge providing a “cradle to grave” operation.

The site operates a Teebe continuous flow liming mixer capable of liming up to 1000 ton per day if required. Thorough and homogenous mixing is achieved through a calibrated share mixer, accurate dosing controls also ensure the optimum amount of lime is added giving full compliance whilst maintaining lime input parameters.

The whole process is carried out under BAS certification and “The safe sludge Matrix”

Quicklime is used to add to the biosolids which gives a rise in pH and temperature and reduction in moisture content, producing a Biosolids end product suitable to be recycled to land as a valuable fertiliser and soil conditioner.

Here are some well respected companies we have been working in conjunction with: